SMT and THT assembly

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We provide electronic assembly services for both surface SMD and THT components. Thanks to our advanced equipment we assemble components in the latest available technologies. We are able to assemble a wide range of printed circuits in a short time frame!

Why Eskam?

because we are close to the client

By entrusting the production of your circuits to our company, you have a full insight into the production process at each stage. We have a flexible approach to each order and can adjust to even frequent changes in the design at various stages of the production. We fully understand that the effective communication with the producer is extremely important to our customers.

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You receive a quote for the production of your design very quickly!

Quick assembly

You will be pleasantly surprised with short execution times.

Fast delivery

Delivery of a completed order is much faster than from the competitors from outside Europe.

Ask for a quote!

Send us a request for a quote of services to the following address:

We are happy to undertake even the most complex assembly, from prototypes to serial production. Each project is priced individually based on technical documentation. It should include at minimum the following:

  • dimensions of the PCB
  • list of elements
  • positions of elements
  • number of PCBs

All data received from customers is treated as confidential.


machine park

Our equipment allows us to perform assembly in the latest available technologies. The quality and innovation of individual elements of the production line ensure high and repeatable quality of the assembled PCBs.

Speedprint SP700avi

Highly accurate screen printer and the use of high-quality laser-cut stencils eliminate a number of soldering errors. The machine also performs an inspection of the applied solder paste, which guarantees repeatable quality of the soldering process.

i-Pulse M10

An advanced machine for assembling SMD components. It mounts even the smallest elements 0402 metric (01005 imperial) with high accuracy. Its speed is 23 thousand elements per hour (according to the IPC9850 standard)

Rehm V8 Nitro 3.2 B

Reflow soldering furnace. Its length ensures effective heating of the elements before the paste turns liquid, which allows for safe and error-free soldering.

Services we offer

We use high-quality components and materials based on the technical documentation. The assembly is executed in accordance with the recommendations of the IPC-A-610D standard, with particular emphasis on the ESD protection conditions.

  • Assistance in technical preparation for the assembly.
  • Delivery of SMD and THT components at the request of the client (we maintain SMD and THT components storage).
  • Lead and lead free assembly.
  • Manufacturing of stencils for paste or glue application (laser cut stencils)
  • Glue components assembly (dependant on the technological requirements).
  • Double-sided automatic SMD assembly.
  • Manual assembly supplementing with through-hole elements.
  • Supplementary manual assembly of THT elements.
  • Reflow SMD soldering.
  • Wave THT soldering.
  • Cutting panels into individual PCBs.
  • Testing of modules in accordance with the customer's requirements.
  • Serial and prototype production.
  • We rely on elements available in our storage or supplied by the customer.

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The company is located in the very center of Wroclaw, in an industrial park owned by Polish State Railways (PKP). For any questions please contact us by phone, we are happy to provide guidance on how to find us.